Papers approved and presented at the CIPF may be published in an E-Book, registered at the National Library (ISBN), following the guidelines presented below.

1. The author and co-author(s) of the academic papers presented in this CIPF who are interested in publishing their papers will be able to do so. This book will be in e-book format and may also be published in print. For this, they must submit the complete manuscript in book chapter format to the Scientific Committee of the I CIPF, with the following format:

a) Title and subtitle, if any, in bold.

b) The title must not be written entirely in capital letters.

c) Name(s) of the author(s) and institution(s) in the fourth line below the title (or subtitle, if any).

d) Footnote on the first page, containing a brief CV of the author(s), with some information such as their academic degree, educational institution and other relevant academic qualifications. The text must be a maximum of 05 lines.

e) The text must be in Times New Roman font, size 12, 1.5 line spacing and justified alignment.

f) Citations and references according to APA rules;

g) Top and bottom margins with 2.5 cm and left and right margins with 3 cm;

h) Graphic elements in the body of the text in accordance with the APA standards and respecting a maximum of 5, which may be tables, figures, charts and graphs. Figures must have a minimum resolution of 144 dpi; B&W or colored;

i) Captions below the images in Times New Roman font size 10, single spaced, centered alignment and no text wrapping formatting. Referring to the source from which it was extracted or with indication of its own authorship;

II. The structure of the text must be in chapter format, with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 pages, including references.

a) The structure should minimally include the sections relating to:

1) Introduction section: brief presentation of the main literature references in the area, importance of your work for psychological science; statistical data relevant to the topic; goals.

2) Development section: The title of this section should not be “Development”; this section will be titled according to the contents of your work and should contain the presentation of your results, along with a discussion based on scientific literature.

3) Considerations section: in this section you will briefly, objectively and concisely present the main results of your work, their relevance and may indicate suggestions for future research and studies within the researched area.

4) References: in APA standards

III. The complete and revised manuscript must be sent, obligatorily, in Word format (doc. or docx.). Files encoded or in other formats will be excluded from the publishing process.

  1. The complete and already revised manuscript must be sent to the form link to the form by the date (insert deadline) with subject: Manuscript publication/author’s name.
  2. Chapters that do not meet the APA standards will automatically be deleted.
  3. Manuscripts that do not comply with all the rules of this announcement will be immediately rejected. Papers that are not accepted will not be forwarded.

IV. The Scientific Committee of the I CIPF will have autonomy in defining criteria and evaluation procedures about the texts to be published.

V. When submitting the complete manuscript, the author and co-author(s) must present the Term of Grant of Copyright stating that they expressly authorize the Scientific Committee of the I International Congress of Forensic Psychology (CIPF) the right to publish their manuscript for scientific purposes – academic and non-commercial.

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